MovingOn Finance - is a web3 mobile application that integrates Move-To-Earn mechanism through activities: Walking, Running, Cycling and Driving.

The Vision

MovingOn is a method of health training, based on that, users can earn corresponding profits. That is the contemporary trend --> Move-To-Earn. Users can own their favorite NFTs to do move outdoors to earn profits with MOVON tokens. We are actually happy and proud to not only connect the passions, but also inspire the community with the values: Human health - Economic values ​​- Sports spirit - Environmental protection.

The Mission

Make money to buy health or have health to make money – which do you choose? According to statistics of the World Health Organization-WHO in recent years that have shown the terrible consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has caused the deaths of millions of people and made the health of people who have been infected with the disease are in decline.
In additions, the reports also show that in recent decades, climate change has made epidemics more unpredictable, the overuse of antibiotics has led to the emergence of more antibiotic-resistant bacteria. We have no better choice than to do physical activities and do sports.
MovingOn was born to contribute to bringing sports spirit to everyone, let's conquer yourself with MovingOn and this will also bring money to your pocket.
We're not just here to solve problems for a small part. What we aim to do is change the healthy lifestyle of the entire community from many cultures around the world.

MovingOn sets out a clear vision and mission, which is to stimulate the spirit of sport and support connecting users with each other. Create a stable operation system and constantly improve to make MovingOn strong and sustainable. Users can make money in a worthy way, after all, the main goal is everyone's health.

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