How To Get Started

1. Download

Download the MOVON application from the App Store or the Google Play

2. Register

  • Go to and Select Register
  • Enter Email address and Password, then Verify Email
  • Connect the wallet address via Metamask and attach the wallet address to the Registered account
  • Receive Email notification Successful account registration

3. Buy and Deposit NFTs into the app

  • To buy NFT you need MOVON token. You can buy MOVON tokens on PancakeSwap
  • Buy NFTs that match the activities you'll be participating in. You can buy NFTs at the Marketplace or in MovingOn Finance's NFT promotions.
  • You need to go to Inventory on the website and connect to the Metamask wallet address where you have registered your account. Then select Deposit and Confirm to transfer the NFTs you want to the application.

4. Login and provide body stats

  • Open the downloaded MOVON app on your smartphone
  • Enter the Email and Password of the account you registered with
  • Provide indicators of Height, Weight, Age, Gender,...

5. Start earning with the MOVON app

  • You must own at least one NFT to participate in activities.